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Posted by DonM2
on Nov 9 at 8:33 AM
Essentially, I have a Part (A) with demand from two customer types:
- One customer orders the Part(A) straight without any additional pieces to make it complete.
- The second customer requires a second piece Part(B) shipped with the main Part(A) when ordered.

(Setting BOM's is new to our SAP users abilities. My company and I are real green-horn with BOM and never needed it, before now.)

My thought would allow the Part (A) maintain as the primary inventory item, while setting a second Part (B) as a BOM so the second customer can simply order a different Material Number (Part C), thus allowing the BOM (Part C) to ship both Part (A) and Part (B). Also, the BOM (Part C) would allow special pricing.

In my best case scenario, both the parts (A&B) would capture its own overall demand and allow, also, part(C) to show its own demand.

If you know where I can download any SAP documentation or detail found online explaining the BOM setup and usage, I would certainly appreciate the help!


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Subject: BOM for Sales Promotion - No Finished Goods Before Sales Order

How can I setup a BOM for a Sales Promotion, which will have special Sales Price, and carry no finished goods before the sales order is entered (build as we need it)? Also, the items in the promotion should capture the demand while also so showing demand on the Promotion Material number.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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