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Posted by TOMAS_K
on Nov 21 at 4:02 AM

As Satish suggested set price 1.2038 as 120.38 per 100L. 120.38 will be net price and 100 price unit. Maximum price unit is 99999.


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How can you setup a PO in SAP to accept 4 digit pricing on an Invoice when you only have a 2 digit decimal on unit price configured? When you have large volume goods receipts e.g. several thousand gallons or liters of product and it is billed at four digit price e.g. 1.2038/L and PO only allows 2 digit price e.g. 1.21. Rounding from a four digit to a two digit can create significant $$ variance to invoice. And if tolerance to price difference between invoice and system calculation is very small like say $10, then you cannot pay the invoice.

Is there a way to setup the PO utilizing the pricing unit field?

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