RE: [sap-log-mm] Positive and Negative Signs During MB52 and MMBE-Non-Serialized items

Posted by nelyf
on Nov 7 at 10:53 PM

I badly needed your valuable inputs guys.
Why the systems allows to deliver materials (only non-serialized) to an SO with wrong item cat. It will not restrict or no warning message before posting DR.

Is it standard process in MM delivery?

Thank you very much.

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From: Nely Fernandez
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2011 10:47 PM
Subject: Positive and Negative Signs During MB52 and MMBE-Non-Serialized items

We are having problem issue with regards to non-serialized materials. The MMBE report has positive (+) and negative (-) qty but the effect is also zero qty. which is a standard report for MMBE. We are now preparing for the year end inventory for 2011.

The system allowed posting the DR even the item during DR is not in the right SLOC and allowed to post even if the item cat used in the SO is not the right item cat for the items to be delivered. Ex. the SO with item Cat ZTAB(posted with PR) but the item delivered was coming from stock. The MM user did not check if the item cat in the SO is correct. We noticed that this is applicable only for non-serialized items.

Is there a way that the system will block or warning the user not to post DR due to wrong sloc, item cat or batch? They should (user) follows what is SO created. How can we correct + and - in MMBE report not to appear in the report.

Any input is highly appreciated.


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