[sap-log-mm] PO via Email_Sender Name Should be "Change Owner" Name or Creator

Posted by Suzanne_Cullum (Senior BSA )
on Oct 3 at 9:04 PM
Hi MM'ers,

We have PO / Contract via Email working (in test box), but we have run across a few things we'd like to resolve before moving solution to production.

If anyone has experience in actual practice with the following 'issues', I'd love to hear feedback or suggestions on how your organization/clients have handled these things.

Firstly, we have implemented OSS 561593 to make the 'creator' of the PO (or Contract) the sender name on the Email to vendor. This is what central purchasing prefers and the note is working fine. Purchasing stakeholders did not like the standard SAP where 'releaser' of document is the sender name on email to vendor.

As we've been testing out various scenarios, what has become apparent (even if we had left the releaser as the sender of email), once you have a buyer retire or otherwise relenquish management of his/her original PO or Contract (giving responsibility to a new buyer in the department), we see that it is still the ORIGINAL creator of the PO (or contract) whose name continues to appear on change orders emailed to the vendor.

This seems very impractical because it would seem (at least to me) that you would of course want the name of the new buyer (that took over from the original buyer) to appear on any subsequent change orders.

If anyone has found a way to resolve this (get the new buyer's name i.e. document changer's name on the sent mail), I'd appreciate your input.

Even when I remove OSS note 561593 from the system and I test the above scenario (I call it the 'Retired Buyer' scenario), it appears that SAP still continues to put the name of the ORIGINAL buyer on the sent mail.......this is when there is no re-release triggered by the change order. In our system, this occurs quite frequently where a change order does NOT trigger the need for a new release. In this case, even if we work with standard SAP (releaser name = sender name), it seems illogical not to have the changer name on the sent email to vendors.

Sorry for long note, just want to explain thoroughly!

Thank you,
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