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Posted by Carlitos
on Oct 26 at 7:46 PM
BOMs exist for materials A & B. Two material A are sent to subcontractor to make one Material B. The value of A is $1,200 each; B is $2,475.00. We do not bill the subcontractor for the material supplied. We are only billed by subcontractor for assembly charges which includes any additional tools which is $75 per material B completed. In order to make the PO work we had to add VBO to GBB and BSV in T-Code OBYC, assigning both to a randomly selected account 510085(Consumption - Subcontracting).
What appeared to be the correct account(891000) was deleted from the COA.

1. We created a standard inventory PO with Item Category L for material B with the value of $75 and component materials noted in the item section, Note: we also tried a value of $2,475 with the same result
2. Material movement 541 moves component materials from unrestricted stock to vender stock
3. A goods receipt is performed via MIGO on receipt of material B on the PO. The vendor stock is being relieved, but the accounting document does not reflect same.

The accounting document created is:
DR. Inv $75 CR. GR/IR $75
DR. Consumption Exp $75 CR. Consumption Exp $75
It s/b
DR Subcontract Charge $75 CR GR/IR $75
DR FG Inv $2,475 CR Prod Consumpt $2,475
DR Consumption $2,400 CR Component Inv $2,400

So what is missing? The consumption account is immaterial at the moment, although I suspect acct 891000 is linked to some functionality which does not exist or we have overlooked.
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