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Posted by wnash7658 (SAP Specialist and Project Leader)
on Oct 31 at 9:22 PM
Dear HT,

All I remember is two freight condition types are added to the calc. schema. One condition type is setup in M/06 as a MINUS. And I think this is the one that has the Accrual in M/08 to a different GL account.

Condition records are created for both condition types with exact values. I only discovered this after finding it at a Client and thought it would be good as a reference in the future.

Try it and get back to me. I might even try it again too.


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From: rajan rg
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Subject: Tax Calculated on Freight Amount

Hi Experts,

Tax should be calculated on freight amount.

eg: Base price: 100
Fright : 10

then Tax @ 15% = 16.5

On posting goods receipt 100 should go to stock account and 10 should go to separate account (freight account).
Please let me know how to configure this requirement.

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