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Posted by Thiyagarajan
on Oct 28 at 7:23 AM
You need to take actual weight of rebars for each lot received. By taking sample pieces of 1m long each, this actually weight per meter is to be applied for converting the issued lengths in meters to tons.

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From: Janardhana Rao
Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008 7:20 AM
Subject: Stock reconciliation of steel rods

Hi Everyone,

My scenario is …..My client is receiving steel rods in tons but he is issuing rods in meters. Steel rod weight to length ratio is not fixed and it is varying from one goods receipt to other. We want to do stock reconciliation, how to do this

We are receiving 20 mm steel rod 100 kg / 20 meter length and 102 kg /20 meter, but issuing steel in meters to work. Here my requirement is how to do goods issue in SAP system because I am receiving goods in tons and issuing in lengths which doesn't has fixed weight / length ratio. I can not use alternative unit of measure because of weight / length ratio varying for each goods receipt. How to do configuration of this scenario

I greatly appreciate any help from you guys
Thanks & Regards

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