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Posted by andree212
on Oct 5 at 9:19 AM
My suggestion is to exclude vendor from release strategy structure. Bear in mind that in practice, the vendor determination does not always take place during PR creation.


How to exclude some vendor from release strategy?

The situation is we have three companies. Company A as the parent company and supplier of stock to company B and C. Companies B and C must make a PO for the requested items from A. Company A made as ??a vendor for companies B and C.

The scenario is any request made by company B and C to the vendor / company A is not necessary approval / release.

I've tried various options. One of them is every time I fill value in CL24N will result in release strategy vendors do not come out.

Thanks for your help.


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Subject: Release Procedure for PR and PO

Dear Experts

I want to configure release procedure for PR and PO in some levels. One of the characteristic is "VENDOR". The scenario is : we don't need release for some vendor.

I have Created Characteristic of "Vendor" in PR and PO (CT04) with table name ; CEBAN (for PR) and CEKKO (for PO) and field name : LIFNR a and then I add VENDOR characteristic to class (CL02).

When I assign it in OMGQ --> Release Strategy --> Vendor
I give the value with " <> vendor number " in vendor characteristic but the release strategy still appear in PR and PO. How to configure that for some vendor will not appear release strategy.

Thanks and regards,
Andree K

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