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Posted by msiddiqui123 (consultant)
on Oct 19 at 1:40 PM
Please let me know how will you allow the buyers to select different manufacturers parts for the same material on Pur Order.
inventory-managed-matl - 10qty - 100$
mpn1 should not display any price or qty for mpn parts
mpn2 should not display any price or qty for mpn parts
mpn3 should not display any price or qty for mpn parts
mpn4 same


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Subject: Multiple MPN

Situation: one vendor and one material and multiple manufactures part
We have one vendor who is able to supply several manufactures items.
The validity period is the same for all manufacture's I need to be able
to include each manufactures part number for procurement purposes. For
instance, Smith Tire Sales can supply Firestone, Bridgestone,
Continental, etc. I want to avoid multiple material masters.
Question: if I can have only one info record per vendor/material
combination, how do I store the multiple MPN?
Thanks in advance.


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