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Posted by Leo_NAT
on Oct 18 at 10:45 PM
Hi Antonio,

The info record without plant is centrally info record.
That means it's create for the purchasing org level.

For example:
Let say that your org is as below:
1. C.Code: 0001
2. P.Org: 0001 and it's assigned to C.code 0001.
3. Plant: 0001 and 0002.
You created info record for vendor V1, material M1 for plant 0002(this info record is in plant level) with price 10$/PC and the other info record without plant with price 12$.
There is no info record for plant 0001.

If you create the PO with plant 0002, the price is obviously 10$.
But if you create the PO without plant or with plant 0001, the system will get 12$ for the price of this material.

A017 & A018 are the pool tables, so you must select and loop on it in order to get its data.

Hope it helpful for you.


---------------Original Message---------------
From: Antonio Bruno
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 9:32 AM
Subject: Info Record Query

i've created a query to show the Info records not open for a specific division.
I've joined the tables EINA and EINE and selected only the records with WERKS equal to "". But some of these info records have a records with divisions.
Is there is an alternative way to show the info records not created for a specific division?



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