RE:[sap-log-mm] Excise Amount Not Capturing in MIRO?

Posted by Tiger100 (SAP Job)
on Oct 14 at 4:47 AM

I have come across with an Excise Problem where user has put in the several invoices in a P.O. for the same but for one line item e has reversed the GR and has put it again in reference to one Excise invoice Number. He has also posted thje part -II for that.

Means Excise Invoice No say 1000 which has 3 GR no. against it as one GR has been reversed.

Now, plz suggest how this GR and Excise invoices can be reversed. I have tried put in the 4th GR which is the reversal of the 3rd GR. the I have tried to capture the Excise against the 4th (reversed GR) but system comes up with the dump.

Please suggest what should I do.

Thanks in advance

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Subject: Excise Amount Not Capturing in MIRO?


Excise amount is not being captured in MIRO. Case is that a GR has been reversed with '102' and then new GR was made but when user is trying to do Invoice Verification then he is not getting the MODVAT values there.

Please suggest what shall we do.

Thanks in advance

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