RE:[sap-log-mm] Delivery Note No. cannot be Edited at MB02

Posted by ha_tran (Senior SAP Supply Chain Business Analyst)
on Nov 1 at 2:19 AM

Unfortunately, the delivery note is not editable in MB02 transaction as far as the standard functionality of SAP is concerned. Therefore, you will have to cancel your GR and re-post it with the correct DO if it was wrongly entered.


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From: Mayday
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2011 10:47 PM
Subject: Delivery Note No. cannot be Edited at MB02

Dear all exports,
Why it is not possible to edit the delivery note number at MB02 for movement type 101? It is very common that the store will entry the wrong vendor's DO number when doing PO GR.
Though we can cancel the wrong GR and re-do with the correct vendor's DO number. However, sometimes the stock quantity has already been consumed and therefore there is zero stock and not able to do cancellation.
How can we make this field editable at MB02 after GR posted? Appreciate the advices.

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