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Posted by smslearn
on Oct 18 at 2:09 PM
Hi All,

Thanks for all your replies.

Hey Nely & tomas, I have seen the option of seeing the Changes made to the PO by clicking the Environment & Item changes but this process is a long & time consuming one. And I have huge list of PO's

Hey HT,
I have tried to run the Table which you have given CDHDR & CDPOS. It keeps on running the report for hours & finally does not give any output or shows an Error. Can you please tell me how to run this report in detail for Higher version of SAP by doing all customization.

Hey Rory, Thanks for the name of the program but I don't how & where to run this. Can you please tell me in detail how to run this program?

So that I can select the solution accordingly which is easy & less time consuming.

Thanks in advance to all of you.

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Subject: Changes Made to the PO

Hi , I want to know the changes made to an PO?
Is there any Tcode from where I can download all changes made to the PO. I want to know especially changes made to the delivery date, PO Price & PO Quantity. By giving the Input of PO numbers.

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