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on Oct 10 at 6:27 AM
Hi Amar,

You can change the base unit if a number of prereqs are fulfilled (e.g. no open documents, no stocks, no BOM etc).

To get a more complete list, go to MM02 and try to change the base unit. you'll get an error message. jump to the headerline of that transaction to button "display error" and you'll get a list of reasons for that material.
SAP's SLO (system landscape optimization) provides tool to change the base unit automatically, but they request some fee for that.

b.r., juergen

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Subject: Basic Unit Change

Dear Sir,
I have maintain for some material Basic unit of measure as NOS in the material master and the issue of unit as KG.Now I want to change the basic unit of measure as M(Meter) for same item.Is this possible.If this how can I do this and what the T code will I use.

Amar Puhan

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