Re: [sap-log-mm] G/L Account Changing While Doing Service Entry Sheet

Posted by morise (Senior Procurement Officer)
on Oct 16 at 7:54 AM
Depends on how your system is configured. SES will pick the AA details from PO. If there are conflicts check where the system is picking them from.


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Subject: G/L Account Changing While Doing Service Entry Sheet

While posting service entry sheet a change in g/l is observed from that of PO. This is happening only for service PO. The change is observed according to material group.

If material group used is 11180000, the g/l in SES is always changed to 801420, and when material group is 80111600, the g/l is changed to 800253 irrespective of the g/l entered in PO.

Is the change according to standard SAP? Please can someone let me now where this configuration can be viewed in backend?

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