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Posted by Manjaya
on Oct 13 at 8:37 AM

Can you do manual approval of the contracts that are not completely approved
before the implementation of work flow?


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Subject: Contracts and Implementation of Workflows

Hi SAP Gurus,
Below are the release strategies for contracts in my company without a workflow
K2 Dir (SCM)
K4 Man (SCM)
Now we have introduced the workflow for contracts below, with addition of "K5" for sourcing specialist to attach documents. Workflows are working as they suppose to
K2 Dir (SCM)
K4 Man (SCM)
K5 Attach documents by sourcing specialists.
But the problem is with the existing contracts that did not have workflows before and were released up to a certain level, say until "K2" level (Before the implementation of w/f). After the implantation of W/F the system shows the RELEASE ID as released for this contracts, but there is one level that is not released which is "K1". When creating release documents against the contract, the system says the contract is not released. When we try to check the workflows the system issues the message" There are no workflows that have already worked with this object"Message no. SWL013.
How can we release the contract with release code "K1"? and or what might be the problem here?

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