[sap-log-mm] Automatic Mapping of Sub Asset Number in PO in Item Detail

Posted by sandip sen (SAP MM consultant)
on Sep 24 at 11:31 AM
Hi gurus,

I have an issue regarding asset topic and sub number.

My issue is my client purchased 100 computer sets. Each computer set has a unique asset number. Now we are using multiple account assignment concept. Earlier my client used to purchase 100 computers by including 100 line items in the purchase order in item overview each having an asset number (that belongs to a particular asset class which is in turn assigned to one G/L account). So we can see that it is a very lengthy job. Instead my client wants that they should enter only one line item containing the asset number in the item overview of the PO.

At present we are using multiple account assignment as we are creating the asset sub number under one main asset.

With this we are able to prevent entering 100 line items in the item overview but we are entering the 100 sub number data in item details of the PO.

Item overview look out:
Ex: asset no: 100268 quantity -100 price- 20000

Item detail look out:
quantity asset sub number
1 100268 1
1 100268 2
similarly up to 100

This is done in account assignment tab of PO.


When I am giving asset number 100268 system should automatically give/propose 100 sub number as we have defined 100 sub number in as 11 for that asset number. I.e. when we are putting asset number 100268 in the item overview it should reflect 100 quantities in item detail.

Is it possible?

Please discuss.

In the sub item field the asset number 100268 will automatically divide into 100 sub numbers automatically.
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