RE:[sap-log-mm] SAPLMEGUI number differs every time when SAP is launched

Posted by VikDri
on Sep 15 at 6:59 AM
Thanks for reply Dave. Do you know any button combination which gets me to "Item Detail – Texts tab - Revise Delivery Note field"? It is in the last third of PO screen - Item Detail. Than Texts tab and Revise Delivery Note. I have also tried before running the script to do one item by hand and sometimes it changes anyway.

It keeps changing between SAPLMEGUI:0010 and SAPLMEGUI:0015. Or it there any other how to eliminate this issue?

Thanks a lot
Viki Pua Esejpee

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From: Viktor Drizga
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2011 5:57 PM
Subject: SAPLMEGUI number differs every time when SAP is launched

I have created VBscript which will update header text in purchase orders. ME22N. I now cannot get my ME22N script to recognize the correct item line and thus to update the header text correctly. Below is the before and after of the description. Could anyone tell why the SAPLMEGUI number is different. What does that stand for? How can I solve it?


Viki Dee

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