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Posted by ha_tran (Senior SAP Supply Chain Business Analyst)
on Sep 3 at 11:08 PM
Hi Manoj,

The fundamental question to be clarified for Case 2 is if Indian vendor belongs to the other company code you plan to create in the same client and if the freight forwarder also belongs to the same company code (as for the Indian vendor). Perhaps, a detailed example is provided for better understanding of your business scenario and business requirement.


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Subject: Procurement scenario


We have following scenario which we are trying to map in SAP.

Our company is India and Saudi Arab.
We are planning to create two separate company codes for this.

Business scenario is as follow.
Case 1) Saudi Arab Company procures material directly form Indian Vendor and Indian Vendor delivers to Saudi.
Case 2) Saudi Arab Company orders material from Indian vendor. Indian Vendor delivers material at Indian company premises and then they are shipped to Saudi company by its Indian Counterpart.

Any idea how this second scenario can be mapped in SAP?


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