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How to outbound delivery reverse.

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Ravi -

A storage location typically maps to something in the physical world. In all of my plants, one building - one warehouse - maps to exactly one storage location. I have worked with other people who have split individual buildings into more than one storage location - but in all of those cases, there was some physical difference between them. I would not recommend having more than a few storage locations, unless I could point to a distinct reason for each additional SL after the first one.

If the client doesn't want full blown WM because they don't want to process all of the WM transactions, they will find that multiple storage locations will be much, much worse. Not only will they need to perform the SL to SL movements that would now take the place of WM movements, they will also have a much higher workload maintaining all of the data that exists at the storage location level of the material master. Also, storage location determination in SD processes, as well as procurement processes (internal or external) will be a large amount of overhead.

If they want to manage the plant without WM, they can always go the Lean WM route, with one (or a few) storage locations.


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