Re: [sap-log-mm] Move Material into Stock without Purchase Order

Posted by kalyan (MM Consultant)
on Sep 24 at 1:36 AM
Hi Shya,

1) Create a Material code for those New materials in MM01
2) You can run MIGO
3) Choose reference Document as Goods Receipt and Others.
4) Next Choose Movement type: 561 (for Material Stock) and also you can bring
into as a Special Stock (for Example: 561/Q for Project Stock. If it is a
Project Stock then you should know the WBS Element before in hand)
5) You can give the Qty, Value (not a Unit Price) in a field* "Ext
Amount LC"* under a Tab View Qty in the Item detail and also the storage
6) Post it,
7) For confirmation, you can display the Material document and Accounting
Document.or run MMBE or MB51, You can see the Material , and Qty and Storage
Location and it Total Value..



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From: shya123
Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 3:40 AM
Subject: Move Material into Stock without Purchase Order

I have stock lying at a receiving bay which is not connected with SAP. Now I want get that material into stock since they are new materials. It is not possible to create a purchase order.

Please give me a suggestion for this.


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