RE: [sap-log-mm] How to stop custom message output in ME22N

Posted by Dave Thornburgh (SAP JOAT)
on Sep 7 at 8:27 PM
Anshurathi -

Check out your "fine tuned message control" for the ZNEU (it's located where you Define Message Types for PO). If you want to turn off ALL automatically proposed change messages, remove the entry for the 'change' operation for that type. This won't stop you from manually triggering a change output - but it will make it impossible to automatically send them to selected vendors.

If you'd rather go another direction, you can change the requirement on the ZNEU in the access sequence. The standard requirement (101) enforces that the message must be for New or Change - you would just need to create a replacement requirement that uses your logic to make that decision.


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From: Anshu Rathi
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Subject: How to stop custom message output in ME22N

We have a custom output type ZNEU defined for EDI output. It is maintained for specific vendors only. We copied this output type from NEU and made the necessary changes and maintained the condition records. Now the output is triggered correctly in ME21N. We then run a batch job to transmit the EDI message. Our requirement is not to trigger this output in ME22N. Right now, even if I open an old PO in ME22N, the ZNEU output is automatically triggered.

Is there a way to stop this output? Can this be done by any configuration setting?

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