Re: [sap-log-mm] Unable to post stock in MB1C

Posted by Stealthy
on Aug 29 at 2:27 PM
You have not given valuation ........ 7920 it should work then

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From: syamala m
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2011 1:46 PM
Subject: Unable to post stock in MB1C

Hello. GE...
When I am trying to post stock in MB1C, I am unable to proceed further as the system shows the error "Account determination for entry INT GBB ____ BSA 7900 not possible
Message no. M8147",

When I am trying to correct the entry in OBYC, i get an error "No changes for user SAP* allowed; Choose 'Display object' or 'Cancel'."

Please help.

thanks and regards

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