[sap-log-mm] Transfer Posting issue

Posted by aalberawi
on Jul 24 at 5:24 PM
Dear All,
The issue is:
the material has 08 inspection type activated. and a status of unrestricted.
we want to move this material to another storage location (in this case, it should go automatically to the quality inspection)
when using movements 301, 309, it works fine
but the problem is when using 311.
if we specify the stock type (in the where tab) to unrestricted, the system move it to the new storage location as unrestricted (this is wrong as it should be quality)
if we specify the stock type (in the where tab) to quality, the system issues an error message "change material in QM only"

kindly advise, how could we make movement 311 act as movements 301, 309
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