RE:[sap-log-mm] Number of replenishments for a specific purchase order

Posted by ha_tran (Senior SAP Supply Chain Business Analyst)
on Jul 9 at 10:14 PM
Hi Vlad,

If you are using the vendor confirmation feature, you can use the confirmation control key ("AB" standard) to capture the updated delivery date.


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From: Vlad Nistor
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2011 12:05 PM
Subject: Number of replenishments for a specific purchase order

Dear experts,

I would like to know if inside the purchase order (in SAP), maybe visible in ME23N or ME22N T-Codes exists a counter that can show the number of reschedules caused by supplier problems or any other kind of issues.
Something that counts for how many times the confirmed date of a specific order was changed.
If this field would be visible also into a T-Code, would be extremely useful in establishing which of the suppliers doesn't respects suddenly his confirmed dates.

Many thanks

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