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Posted by DanTheMan56 (Sr. IT Analyst - SAP FICO)
on Jul 13 at 8:37 AM
It sounds to me what you are trying to do is functionality that is available in the Vendor partnering function. Under the "Purchasing Organization data" tab for Vendor master data there is a button for "Partner Functions". This is where you link other vendor IDs. For example, look at this list of Vendor functions that can be partnered:

AL - Additionals
OA - Ordering Address
VN - Vendor
PI - Invoice presented by
CA - Contract address
GS - Goods supplier
ER - Employee respons.


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From: alisa majer
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Subject: Vendor sub range

Material data tab in a PO that has a field in which I can enter the sub range vendor. But, I understand that it has to do with the vendor (VN) only....and in fact, I would need to have a sub range for someone different than the vendor.

Scenario is the following:

I have a vendor VN, which is the main principal vendor; under this vendor I have traders, manufacturers and under these, I have the suppliers which are the ones I would want to use for the purpose of sub range .
I cannot enter all the suppliers under the vendor....quite impossible, too many but, the system issues an error message if I enter in the sub range a supplier which is not entered in the VN master record.

Can I do that differently? Is there a way to change that?

Also: what is the principle behind the sub range field in the vendor master? I was under the impression it should contain a vendor code but i see it is not so....

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