Re: [sap-log-mm] Taking Stock Report MB51 or MB52 at Storage location Level

Posted by kalyan (MM Consultant)
on Jul 10 at 10:58 AM
Dear HT

Thanks for your reply

My Business Scenario is, in Our Company, we have to take Month End Stock
report for a Particular Storage Location for a Particular period. We are
advised to take a MB51 to serve that purpose

But when we tried to execute the same in MB52 for taking the Stock report
for a particular Storage Location, Here we noticed Stock and Stock Value
showing is different. Only things is in MB52, there is no provision for
Specifying the Period before executing the Stock report.

Let me know whether MB52 report displays the total Stock as of now for a
specified Storage Location.

We are not taking a Stock report at Plant level.

Am i clear to you now.

Thanks and Regards

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Subject: Taking Stock Report MB51 or MB52 at Storage location Level


What is of your business scenario?. You can't compare MB51 against MB52 as they serve two diferent purposes. If you wish to view your current stock quantity, then use either MMBE or MB52 transaction. If you would like to view the stock movement transactions, then run MB51 transaction.


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