[sap-log-mm] MD04 Error

Posted by rreinke55
on Jun 27 at 3:26 PM
When running MD04 for a material in a plant, I get the following error and I cannot see the MD04 screen as I expect. Error is:
6,344 date comes after end of valid factory calendar.
When i run MD03, I get the same error. the message number in each case is Message no. 61062
I checked all planned orders (this is a make part), sales orders (no extreme future or past dates), forecast (none in past or future) - nothing there. Using standard lot size of EX and the hours per base unit of 10 in work scheduling is .18 days per.
Ideas? This has happened about a year ago on another part but can't recall the issue. This is not an old part, has been in the system since 2004.
Please be aware that this is not a date, but a specific number that is showing.....
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