RE:[sap-log-mm] Does anyone have a simple MM01 (replacing) tool available?

Posted by TroyP
on Jun 3 at 3:54 PM
#1The best way is proper training, so many installations start out strong, but after a few years allow non trained employees start creating master data.It starts to go down hill from there.
Then I would say, #2 LSMW if you have the volume. You can write them yourself.
#3 GuiXT is a great product to use with SAP and it is not super expensive. Some people use GuiXT for training new team members as they come in. Again, it is a great tool.

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Subject: Does anyone have a simple MM01 (replacing) tool available?


Where user wants to simplify the input and most of the fields have default
values as per configuration and user dont know them, also most of the fields
dont use in configuration and no need to enter them.

And the specific views depends of different material types e.g if Raw
Material is not selling then no sales view and org structure will required.

SAP supports SAP MDM module (Master Data Management) and also can be
developed as in-house application development, as we did in ICI Paints,
developed the in-house application with user specific requirements in .NET

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Humaira Aslam Chughtai
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ICI Paints, Pakistan

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