Re: [sap-log-mm] A PO goes back to unreleased after a valid GR/IR

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Following are the some of the Causes for PO not released:

a. Price variance
b. Quantity Variance

The above two are the main causes for PO not released.

Go to MRBR--> Manual Release of PO

Give the company code: xxxx
Invoice Document number: xxxxxxxx
Fiscal Year: xxxx

select the Release manually

Blocking procedure:
select Blocked due to variance

Execute or F8

i think this is the correct way to release the PO's.

koteswara kumar

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Subject: A PO goes back to unreleased after a valid GR/IR

Yes, there is a release strategy, all the approvers released them (all with green check marks) prior to the first receipt whose quantity is valid - less than 10% of the order quantity. But as a succeeding receipt was to be done, it went into error 'cause for some reason, the release strategy shows that the approvers did not release them yet. the check marks were gone. But nobody made changes to the PO before the second receipt.

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