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Posted by Manjaya
on Jun 10 at 6:49 PM
It depends on what you have in customizing settings for invoice
verification. If the prepayment allow the filed changes, you can input the
new invoice data. The system will take care of financial documents. If
prepayment do not allow the filed changes, you need to delete and create it
again. Try this T.code MR8M, it might work for deletion. The system cancels
the prepaid invoice too. You need to post the invoice against PO. Try to
get some help form FI guys, if you need.

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My user entered a vendor invoice through FB60 so it could be prepaid. It was paid on 5/24. Now the Invoice off the PO has been received. How do we get this into SAP so it shows as an invoice receipt against the PO but does not pay again?



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