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MM06 is the thwy in which you will flag a material for deletion, to understand this particular transaction in real time its important.

When the company wants to stop the production it will flag the deletion of the product, secondly the error has to defined by the ABAP person. so that there is no more sales order or PO is issued any more , however the pending PO or sales order has to be fulfilled. MB 52 is a stock report, it is also when you fulfill these you can delete the material by using MM70 is used for deletion of material and MM 71 is used to deletion of the info record as result of which the material cannot be used any more.

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By using Transaction code MM02 the material is flagged for deletion and during normal operation,it is not available for transactions.

However if there is any old history of material like old open PR or Po it is possible to force enter transaction
How you really make the item ineffective?

Can anybody throw light on this


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