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Posted by harshs (AM-Production and Inventory)
on May 22 at 1:01 AM
Hey HT any inputs

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Dear All,

My client KLT Automotive is based in India.It has plants in India at several locations.They have put a new plant in South Africa.The procurement process will take place from India as well as South Africa.South Africa will also Import goods from KLT India.

According to South Africa taxation, only VAT 14% and Customs Duties are applicable on Import Goods.I would ike to know how will the process flow will take place in the SAP system.

As for India Imports the following are the steps:

1.Import PO
2.Commercial Invoice/Bill of Entry
3.Goods Receipt
4.Invoice for the foreign vendor

I tried a similar process ,but the pop-up for Commercial Invoice does not come during Goods Receipt.The currency in PO was ZAR(South African Rand ) and commercial Invoice was also ZAR (South African Rand ).Was this the reason because which I could not enter the commercial Invoice number during Goods Receipt?

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