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Posted by malimr (SAP MM/PP Senior Consultant)
on May 29 at 12:09 PM
MRP runs fine and creates a requisition for the minimum stock level. But I want to create a PO to demand from a Plant and not from a vendor. So I want to create a PO for a stock transport order type UB. How do I do this because at the moment the PO is generated and asks me for a vendor number and I want it to procure from a plant. I did set the special procurement key in the material master to 40. It is happening for all materials. MRP was run for a single material.

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Can you rephrase your inquiry? When you said "MRP run does not create a stock transport requisition", did it mean only purchase requisition was generated upon MRP run? or did it mean no procurement proposal at all? Did you assign your customized special procurement key to your material at the demand plant? Was it only happening for one particular material? or for all materials to which the same special procurement key was assigned? How was your MRP run?


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