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I do not agree with HT. We have used Schedule Agreements since 1998 and have never encountered the problem you describe. The advantage of SA's is that if the vendor overdelivers (as he is allowd to with items like printing where an allowance of +/- 10% is standard practice) the overdelivery is taken off the next available future schedule release. I would look elsewhere - perhaps the Purchasing Value Key settings or the Additional Data screen on the SA?

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Subject: Early Goods Receipt against Schedule Line

Hello All;

We would like the system to allow a GR against a Schedule Line earlier than the scheduled delivery date, without having to maintain the date in ME38. I have read through the related posts and have not found a definitive answer as to how to do this.

I have modified my settings in MIGO to Propose All Items, which does allow MIGO to display the schedule line. But when I try to do the GR, I receive the message "PU Ordered quantity exceeded by 13.000 EA : 10049002 SH10 1800". This is a legitimate hard error for PO's we want to keep in place, but is being displayed in the case of the early receipt as well. The scheduling agreement I am trying to do an early receipt on has sufficient open quantity, so system must be looking again for a schedule line dated today.

Does anyone know if ECC6.0 has any settings to allow an early GR on a schedule line?

Thanks in advance, Terry

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