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Reply from Anil Kumar on Feb 8 at 12:19 AM
Dear Vijaykumar,

This is the common issue most of the people facing in import scenario.Till
now we didn't get the solution.
What you can do is, In Miro, scroll to the right, select the amt or
quantity field and drag that field to the left and drop beside the open
fields.This will make the entries faster.
Or you can just copy all the populated entries in the right and paste in
the open fields.

Hope this can reduce some manual entries.


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From: rajashekar p
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Subject: MIRO Entry for Import PO Simplification Process

Hi all,

We do import procurement. It covers 75 % of procurement in present business.

PO consists of many line items, some times 30-40.

While doing BOE i.e in SAP term MIRO w.r.t PO users are getting many lines pertaining to duties.

They need to go to right side of the screen and copy duties and quantitiesin open fields for amount and qty.

This is a very labourous job and mistakes are bound to happen.

Is there any method or process through which this import procurement can be simplified.

Please help on the same.


Vijaykumar P

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