[sap-log-mm] Return Delivery - Marketing Manufacturing Product

Question from amarnath1224 on Dec 27 at 11:49 PM
Hi Sap MM Experts ,

Am facing a problem from past two days with my client. That scenario is My client is Marketing one of the Manufacturing product from Vendor( Sub Contract ). For this my Client is Supplying Packing Material to Vendor . After that vendor is sending finished product to My client . After that he selling this product . If any defeat in this finished product Dealers returning this product . After that my client returning this finished product to Vendor with 122 Movement type but now the issue when he returning this FG product to Vendor Packing Material Component Excess Stock With vendor. But As per Vendor there is no packing material with him. So How can we resolve this .They want Zero Stock

With Regards
Amar nath
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