[sap-log-mm] Prevent Invoice from Saving when Tolerance Exceeded

Posted by imsoqt610
on Dec 8 at 2:56 AM
Hi Experts!

We have an urgent requirement regarding posting invoices in MIRO.

The business wants to prevent the invoice to be saved if the IR Qty and IR Amount exceeds the GR Tolerance quantity.

I have Purchase Order for Material A. PO Qty is 100 kg, 100 USD/kg = net amount 10,000 USD. And overdelivery tolerance in the PO is 10%.

When I post invoice (IR before GR for Foreign PO), the IR Qty I entered is 111 KG, IR Amount is 11,100 -- which exceeds the 10% tolerance.

Is there a way that we can block the posting of the invoice? Not the blocked for payment, we want to disallow the users to save the invoice document once the IR Qty and IR Amount exceeds the tolerance.

Can this be done via LIV Set Tolerance check?

Thanks in advance!
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