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Reply from ha_tran on Dec 27 at 6:10 PM

I guess the standard message 06 076 was set as error status in your system and therefore, you can't make additional conversion of your current PR into a new PO and as this is the standard system behavior, the only workaround solution is to update your current PR from 300,000 down to 100,000 (to suit your outstanding PO/SE value) and add a new PR line item for the remaining value 200,000 which will then be converted into a new PO.


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Subject: Release Remaining Amount to Use for Workorder


We have PR/PO was created initially with value of 300,000 and later PO was changed to 100,000. SES was issued with 100,000 and found that in remaining planning the balance amount (200,000) was held and we want to use it.
Your help is needed to sort out this issue.

Note: this PR created for one of operation in work order.


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