RE:[sap-log-mm] How to Add Material Stock Column in PR Display ?

Posted by Abhijit
on Dec 5 at 11:37 PM
Thanks for the reply.
This is applicable for Stock Materials only, which are not covered in MRP.
Actually management requirement is that for a material system stock is say 10 quantity in the given plant. Now if user raise PR for less than 10 quantity it should give error message & PR should bot be generated.

Can we add such validation during PR creation ( ME51N & ME52N )?
Is there any other option to restrict the same?

kindly guide.

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Subject: How to Add Material Stock Column in PR Display ?

I can't offer you a solution, but I would be interested to know why you want to see stock level at the point of creating or releasing a PR. Surely you would also want to see demand for the material? Your system might show 100 or 1000 units in stock as you create the PR but that stock might be due to be consumed by the end of that day. I'm assuming that you are not running MRP. If you are then there should be no need to look at either stock level or demand as the system would be doing this for you and creating a req. accordingly.

Hope this helps.

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