[sap-log-mm] Enhancing Message Output Screen to Include Material Number

Posted by sapnomad
on Nov 11 at 1:06 PM
I am generating scheduling agreement JIT releases (application EL, message type LPJ1). One scheduling agreement will have multiple line items, meaning that a single SA for a vendor can have multiple materials. The gap with standard SAP is that when you look at all the message output in ME9E for a single SA #, there will be dozens of records. When you are specifically searching for a JIT output for a particular material number, material number is not one of the output screen columns. You literally have to display the JIT form message output one by one until you come across the material you are looking for. Is there any way to enhance the (ME9E) message output screen to include material number? Or alternatively, we are not using the Fax field on the screen. Can message output determination be enhanced such that when it writes a record out to NAST, it populates the Fax field with material number?


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