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Posted by ntairamaisa (Mr)
on Nov 15 at 12:52 AM
Hi Dave,

Changes were done to have PO's to print with MD2. The qusetion is PO's created during MD1 for an example, PO's created in 2010 with the signature of MD1 on them and changes were done on a Smartform to enable the signature of MD2 on them in 2011. So when one prints PO's created in 2010 (MD1) they show the signature of MD2 instead of MD1, why is that?



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Subject: Signatures on Smartform

Hi SAP Gurus,

Our PO's come out with the managing directors signature on them. Say Managing director one resigns and we create managing director two as the new signature on PO's. Question is, why when printing PO's that were created during the tenure of MD1 prints the signature of MD2 on them? Is it SAP Standard or is there a development that can be done about this issue?



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