RE:[sap-log-mm] MIGO : take batch characteristic value before saving

Posted by jl_geesen
on Nov 4 at 10:58 AM
Try to
step 1) save data in global variables of a Zxxxx Function module group in CLFM0002 called from EXIT_SAPLCLFM_002 . T_allausp-objek(18) , t_allausp+18(10) to get matnr/charg .
T_allausp-atinn/t_allausp-ATFLv . to get characteristic name / value.

step 2) at posting use mseg-matnr/mseg-charg to retrieve characteristics save in memory in step 1. .

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From: JH Mensen
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Subject: MIGO : take batch characteristic value before saving

Hi Gurus,

We are trying to build a check in MIGO that should compare a batch characterstic value (that is entered at the time of goods receipt) with a value in the contract. To take the value from table EKPO is no problem. We have a hard time finding a function or way to take the value from the batch characteristic. It is not present in a table yet since we didn't save the material document yet. Also it is not included in the standard item detail function for material documents. How to?

Your help is appreciated.


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