RE:[sap-log-mm] ME22N Blanking Out NETPR When Updating Order Quantity

Posted by Lisa Leung
on Nov 13 at 6:34 PM
Hi HT,

I understand your concern. We only want to zero out the legacy quantity in cases where the entire quantity has been migrated. For the cases where there is partial IR for example, we are only migrating the portion of the quantity that has not been invoiced, then reducing the PO quantity on the legacy side to the quantity already invoiced. Sorry I didn't make this clear in my original post. The reason we want to zero out the legacy quantity is for our reconciliation process. We start out with quantity X; only Y qualifies for migration. After migration, we expect to have quantity Y on the new system, and quantity Z left in the legacy system. And Y + Z should match what we started with (X). I know using quantity 0.001is not going to give us perfect conciliation, but it is the next best option we can think of.

So, is there anyway we can make this work? Before I propose a different reconciliation process, I'd like to be able explain why it is not possible. Can you help?


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Subject: ME22N Blanking Out NETPR When Updating Order Quantity


We are in the process of migration purchase orders to another system. We have a requirement to close out the PO's on the legacy system after they have been migrated. Part of this requirement involves updating the PO quantity to a very small number, 0.001.

When we change the order quantity field on ME22N to 0.001 on certain PO's, ME22N automatically blanks out the net price and displays a hard error: "Net price must be great than 0". If we enter a net price less than 5, ME22N will blank it out again and give the hard error. Once we enter a net price equal to or greater than 5, ME22N accepts it.

Can you help me understand what's causing this behavior?

We want to change the quantity to 0.001 without changing the net price. Can you suggest a way around this?


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