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Posted by satishvp123
on Nov 14 at 2:24 AM
Stock type and stock category are same. As I know, we call it stock type in IM and stock category in WM, but I may be wrong.

The other term is 'Special stock', see list below (from the drop down list).



B Customer Stock
C SC Customer Stock
E Orders on hand
F SCCustomerOrderStock
J SC Vendor consignmnt
K Consignment (vendor)
M Ret.trans.pkg vendor
O Parts prov. vendor
P Pipeline material
Q Project stock
R SC Project Stock
V Ret. pkg w. customer
W Consignment (cust.)
Y Shipping unit (whse)

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From: Mike Kriley
Sent: Sunday, November 13, 2011 2:40 PM
Subject: Move a Material in Stock Category

Satish and Kalyan, thank you very much. It was a very simple solution that I overlooked. Movement type 323 worked.

I do not know what "stock type" is but I do know what "stock category" is. We have 4 different stock categories, blank = unrestriceted, "S" = blocked, "Q" = Quality Inspectuion, and "R" = Returns. For my own edification what is stock type?

Thanks again,

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