RE: [sap-log-mm] How to Track Individual Material Costs Via Serialised Equipment Record

Posted by satishvp123
on Nov 23 at 10:40 AM
Use 'batch valuation', which is a form of split valuation.

At valuation category level we can set the indicator for automatic valuation type creation. A valuation record is created automatically for each batch. I think SAP standard valuation category for this is X. (I do not have access to the system right now to verify.)

Even if for this material "batch management" is not ticked in material master, entry in batch field becomes mandatory because of the Valuation Category X.



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Subject: How to Track Individual Material Costs Via Serialised Equipment Record

Hi Patrick,
We are already using split valuation, but since price needs to be tracked by individual material then Batch Management is not really suitable. Imagine you are a business that buys in old planes and strips them down, some parts are in A1 condition and some A2, some B2 and so forth. We want to manage the part by the same part number to aid BOMs, easy identification and searching for parts but want to understand the real value of the part and when we sell it to a customer have the real value of the part which might be $5k or might be as much as $70k.
I can only think of serializing the parts (not an issue as already done) and holding the value in the equipment level but in a way that this cost is used for the cost of sales or cost of production if we use it in a production order.

Many thanks for your suggestion.

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