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Posted by gwleibniz
on Oct 26 at 12:08 PM
If you want to have a separate step for the goods issue, you have to purchase the material without account assignment, post the goods receipt to normal stock, and then post a goods issue to the order (movement type 261). However, you will not have a purchase requisition triggered by the order (you will have to run MRP instead), the purchase order will not be linked to the order, and the cost booked to the order will be based on the material valuation price (e. g. moving average price), not on the invoice for a specific purchase order.

Regarding the second question: Yes, you can print a goods issue note (e. g. output type WA01) for a goods receipt, either by creating a condition record (transaction MN21) or by entering the output type manually to the material document (transaction MB02).

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Dear All,

In a purchase order, Materials with account assignment category F are being consumed automatically when the GR is created, is there any way in the system to show that those materials have been issued? Also is there any way to print a document like the goods issue note?


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