RE: [sap-log-mm] How to Add Packaging Cost to the Final Product?

Posted by RJBL4SAP (Director)
on Oct 22 at 9:28 AM
You could use subcontract functionality, with a little special setup


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Subject: How to Add Packaging Cost to the Final Product?

We have a scenario where our finished product is packaged by a 3rd party. We have different material code (for the same material) but different packaging size. At the end of every month the Packaging Vendor sends a consolidated invoice with breakup of all the different sizes of packaging. Our person checks this invoice and just sends it to finance who just pass an MIRO entry against each Material code. Is there a way by which we need to do GR for Packaging cost for each Material cost and then only the invoice can be posted? This way I believe we will have more transparency in costs.

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