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Posted by Ms_Brown
on Oct 6 at 6:42 PM

Since you are on the subject of SU24; I have made changes in SU24 to a Transaction code - security object relationship.

I have changed the SAP defaults for authorization checks to transaction code KE30 to increase the limit of access to the profitability reports by profit center and responsibility area (authorization object K_PCA). The SAP default is set for check, I have changed this to check/maintain. Authorization is not restricted and when running a trace the object does not appear in the analysis. The trace is only checking K_KEB_REP.

Is there an additional step that has to be done in order to force the system to execute the check/maintain for this object?


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Subject: Mandatory Document Type for PR and PO

Hi All

Can The Document Type of PR and PO assign as mandatory for user? Can you explain to me how?

Thanks in advance

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