RE:[sap-log-mm] MIRO posting date issue in previous year

Posted by seema_96 (sap fico)
on Sep 30 at 4:09 AM
Hi Satish,

But client was post in the back date posting in the system.
MR8M also post in back date but currently system give the same error for MR8M and MIRO both transcation please help it is Production issue.

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Subject: MIRO posting date issue in previous year

Our fiscal year runs from January to December, we are trying to book invoice against 2009(Miro) as a result of audit issues-audit is just being done on 2009 accounts.We could do this before we recently closed mm period 12/2010 and opened mm 01/2011.Bellow is the error message.

Allowed posting periods: 01 2011 /12 2010 / 12 2010
Message no. M8022
The posting date is not within one of the allowed posting periods.
This can be due to one of two reasons:
  • The correct current period has not been set in the system.
For the system, the first of the specified periods is the current period. At the beginning of a new period, your system administrator must change the current period in the material master record using the function "Close period". This has not yet been done.
  • You have entered the wrong date in the field "Posting date".
Check the posting date and correct it if necessary. If your entry is correct, inform your system administrator that the "period closing" procedure has not yet been implemented.

Please note that our Miro posting dateis 31/12/2009,we have equally opened this period in fi (OB52).
Help out.It's urgent.thanks in advance.

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